Retail & Luxury

A store for the future.

Creating a flagship store that can convey the active, energetic character of Vodafone by translating it into a functional architecture language, attractive to customers. This was the challenge that the phone company assigned to Global Planning Associates to create a new Concept Design to be implemented in all of its flagship stores in Italy, covering a total of 6,000 square metres.

The project model was based on strong modularity, something that is essential when developing a Concept Design that needs to be adapted to various contexts. The store was made more functional by streamlining display spaces and flows and increasing the presence of instore promotions.

The project enhances Vodafone's stylistic hallmark featuring a combination of the strength of bright red with new rounded lines to create immediate brand recognition and make it stand out from other companies in the sector.
Services provided: Quality Construction, Value Engineering, Quality, cost and risk assessment, Project & Construction Management

Location: Italy

Numbers: 6000 mq.