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Branch banks look to the future.

In Multisite projects, it is very important to keep multiple variables under control so that you can guarantee to clients that objectives are achieved according to the required time frames, costs and quality standards.

Thanks to its method of managing Multisite projects, a procedure that can be used to follow the entire Project Lifecycle without neglecting any part of it, Global Planning Architecture is a reliable partner to large bank groups who, like Unicredit, invest in the development and refurbishment of their banks.

 Today, Global Planning Architecture provides Unicredit with a full design and management consulting service and offers the client a multidisciplinary technical approach that ranges from architectural and system design services (Project & Technical Design) to project management (Project & Construction Management).

At present, over 30 branch banks have been designed and completed, following the project at each branch from Project Initiation to the actual opening of the branch) (Project Closeout).
Services provided: Space Planning, Progettazione, Project & Construction Management

Location: Italy

Numbers: 12.000 mq