Corporate Office

Speed and excellent design

Quick delivery times, cost control, and construction quality: these were the requirements expressed by Superfund, one of the most advanced trading companies on the world financial scene, for the re‑layout of its offices in Milan. Obviously, the new offices also needed to reflect the company's special identity based on high efficiency and technology.

Functionality, elegance and simplicity were the Concept Design guidelines for the design and development of the project. The correlation between Space Planning and Interior Design led to an optimum solution that was in line with the company's requirements.

Thanks to efficient Project and Construction Management which focused on problem solving, in close collaboration with the customer's Project Manager, the problems linked to the tight schedule were solved. Work was performed entirely during the summer holidays so that business was not disrupted and a turn-key space was delivered that satisfied the need for the offices to be both representative and operational.
Services provided: Space Planning, Interior Design, Engineering, Project & Construction Management

Location: Milan, Italy

Numbers: 610 mq.