Corporate Office
NED Zambonini HQ

A new way of representing the company's core business.

Global Planning Architecture participated in a competition to design a new office building. The aim was to create a building that clearly represented the company's core business. The technologies used are a clear reference to Zambonini's know-how and expertise. A mixed construction system of reinforced concrete and structural metal was therefore adopted. The central part contains the main part that meets both distribution and construction needs.

The three different arms, made of structural metal, intersect to form a Y on the first floor whereas on the ground floor, the building has a polylinear shape to guarantee maximum functional flexibility.
Global Planning Architecture optimised the distribution flows, both mechanical and operational, and designed a basement level with independent entrances and private gardens where two different activities are concentrated. The first is of a technical nature: placing the machinery where it can be easily accessed so that the building functions correctly. The second is of a functional nature: separating the two guest areas from the main workflows and providing them with high quality comfort.

With an elaborate system for treating glass surfaces, Global Planning Architecture proposed 5 screen prints depicting, in the form of macro-pixels, a type profile for continuous facades. These can be combined to guarantee at least 120 different combinations. In the design building, consisting of 217 window modules, this number increases to 678,125 possible combinations with the core business to the fore.
Services provided: Feasibility studies, architectural design, space planning, interior design.

Location: Milan, Italy

Numbers: 4.800 mq