Corporate Office

The value of a brand.

The company has changed and with it the systems of communication and people's tastes.
The new "La Feltrinelli" headquarters, covering 4,200 square metres spread over six floors, reflect this change and maintain the legacy of such a prestigious brand. To project the brand and the workplace into the future, areas for discussion and brainstorming were provided as well as desk sharing and co-working spaces. Each floor also has reading rooms, inspiration walls, break areas and areas for informal meetings. They are all modern, stimulating spaces for those that use them.

The new headquarters also have another aim: to maximise “La Feltrinelli”'s long-established ability for innovation without abandoning the brand and corporate culture. The graphics on the walls communicate, through specially designed posters, the company's deepest roots and history. This is to convey the “Us” dimension which sums up the union between the Feltrinelli Group and the public.
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Services provided: Space Planning, Interior Design, Engineering, Project & Construction Management

Location: Milan, Italy

Numbers: 4.200 mq