The multidisciplinary approach for the design culture

The holistic approach applied to design makes architecture the perfect synthesis of thought and vision. In Global Planning Architecture each area contributes to a real project culture, in an atmosphere in which multidisciplinary is his strength.

Design & Research

Design & Research

Every idea leads to a solution, more ideas create a project. We always look beyond and we make our client’s vision happen. The Design & Research area stimulates the creativity of the entire studio by developing multidisciplinary skills and creating constant interaction and exchange between departments. Design & Research’s work is therefore transformed into a strategic tool that highly innovative projects are based on, ones that meet the true needs of clients and markets.

Strategy Consulting

Our holistic approach is strategy driven: through strategic consulting, we select highly ambitious objectives and the best way of achieving them together with our clients. The ultimate aim is to reduce costs and make correct choices especially in the long term. This does not mean moving towards one extreme, but interpreting needs by developing visions that are transformed into valid projects not only in the near future. A consulting approach that sees design as a strategy in action that focuses on results.

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Strategy Consulting


For us, architecture is a series of elements and is everything. In the same way, the buildings and spaces we design represent much more than the individual parts they are comprised of. We guide our clients when creating spaces and work together to help create a better society. With a clear goal in mind at all times: the quality of the environment directly influences the quality of our lives and our work. This is because a project with a high contemporary value is capable of producing both well-being and income, both in the short and long term.

global planning architecture services

We develop concepts and give shape to projects.
From the initial concept to creating the detailed working drawings, technical documentation and paperwork: our team works alongside our clients throughout the project. Sustainability, flexibility, efficiency and effectiveness are an essential part of our solutions, right from the very start. In this way, costs are lowered and the final quality of the space increases.

From research to solution.
Research is the backbone of our design projects. Thanks to the multidisciplinary nature of the teams, we can offer high quality design to international clients and markets and approach the project with an overall vision in which all the skills contribute to its development and success.

Made in Italy design, Made in England project management.
The Anglo-Saxon project management culture perfectly matches the unique style of Italian design. The results can be clearly seen and experienced in spaces that can physically and culturally transform people, groups and entire institutions.

Sustainability & Environmental Strategies

We design by looking to the future.
Sustainability is no longer an optional extra, it’s a must. Right from the design stage, everything is conceived in a synergic and systemic way to offer maximum quality and minimum environmental impact. Social, environmental and economic value: these values guide the decisions we make in any work we are commissioned to do. Nowadays, an innovative, successful project must include sustainable design. Focusing on environmental impact is an integral, crucial part of quality design and can be seen in the attention we pay to our design work that complies with highly innovative certifications including LEED and Triple Bottom Line.


We design much more than just offices: we create an identity.
A work environment is vital to the quality of life and generating maximum productivity at a minimum cost. The office as we have always imagined it no longer exists. Nowadays, workplaces have a new type of occupant: flexible co-workers. We conceive all our projects bearing in mind how much the world of work is changing, an evolution that is reflected in its main temple, the office.
The starting point is a strategic analysis of brand essence which provides proposals that meet clients’ requirements in a specific, consistent and innovative way.

A cost item that becomes an investment.
We have a clear vision of work and our aim is to work with our clients to make this vision a reality. This is because work is linked to the quality of life and we offer the highest standards. Our projects help foster creativity and also a more rational management of structural costs by developing management strategies that improve internal efficiency and people’s well-being. With Space Planning we obtain work areas where the quality of space becomes an essential part of the office. Constant research and a desire for innovation are needed, characteristics that allow us to look beyond to obtain a wide, progressive vision of work.


Highly functional, stylistically consistent smart structures.
Stylistically consistent and functional buildings need both engineers and architects: the former create structures that are in harmony with the aesthetic and functional objectives conceived by the latter. Our engineers are an integral part of the design team and work alongside the architects from the moment that an idea is conceived until fitting out. Constant dialogue between the two professions enables each one to express themselves in the best possible way in a team conceived to create innovative, economic and sustainable design solutions.

global planning architecture services


Business thrives on beauty.

Interior design not only improves psychological and physical well-being, but also productivity and people’s purchasing behaviour.

The multidisciplinary team is involved in interior design in full harmony with the design strategies. We independently develop concepts, interior design, brand design and furnishings without neglecting system design and structural and constructive aspects. Aware of the value of industrial design, we have developed the ability to produce tailor-made supplies and industrially reproducible items.

Italian design, global markets.

Beauty and design influence business, it is not just a question of aesthetics. It is a fact. This is why we offer world class interior design solutions that are a perfect balance between aesthetics, functionality and efficiency.

Quality Construction

A great idea is full of tiny details.

From design to fit-out, the ability to transform an idea into a concrete project is needed. Following the mantra of quality at all times.

A single point of reference for unique projects.

In our teams, professionals from very different fields work together in perfect harmony. The secret lies with giving clients a single point of reference who is responsible for managing the entire project from concept to completion.

Integrated Project & Construction Management.

Our vision of Project Management goes beyond the usual paradigms. For us, Project Management means problem solving, full compliance with safety standards and the ability to take critical, complex decisions that quickly adapt to changes. For us, Project & Construction Management means always guaranteeing maximum quality.

Quality Construction