An ever-changing vision of the office.

Society changes, technology changes, the workplace changes. And strategic consulting is renewed. Ongoing dialogue with clients and management transforms  their needs into added value, something concrete and quantifiable. At Global Planning Architecture, design and beauty are completely at the service of corporate objectives: this is the crucial point of all our Corporate Office activities. The result is a better architecture, the ones that is able to improve the way we work with multifunctional spaces, effective, informal and mostly stimulating spaces. The offices that we create are designed in order to encourage the free circulation of ideas, teamwork and corporate evolution. All objectives in line with the client’s business plan, whatever that is the final user or the developer.

Main skills


  • Strategic planning to consolidate several companies, or parts of a company, in one space.
  • Assessment of the actual space needs of each group, company or building.
  • Development of a shared action strategy together with all the parties.


  • Comparative analysis of buildings and spaces.
  • Study of projects capable of meeting the needs of international companies.


  • Comparative and strategic benchmarking on the reuse of buildings supported by proposals and diagrams.


  • Waste reduction by optimising space from a quantitative and qualitative point of view on both existing and future space.
  • Discussion with clients to base planning decisions on shared needs taking into account existing office space trends.


  • Support during architectural design stage
  • Construction of buildings without wasted space and costs.
  • Office readjustment with flexible, effective and adaptable processes in order to reduce costs.


  • Analysis of how space is used from a temporal and spatial point of view.
  • Assessment of use of building.
  • Drafting of a planning strategy that reduces company costs (space = cost).


  • Design of flexible, innovative smart spaces.
  • Integration of new technologies providing new spaces to accommodate them.


  • Design on a human scale that integrates services and amenities and includes methods of social interaction.
  • Safeguarding of the well-being of the community through the creation of sustainable and aesthetically pleasing social spaces.
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PLUS points of Global Planning Architecture

We give added value to the Corporate Office world with “smart”, sustainable work solutions. We create offices that enhance the quality of life and people’s productivity, improving both the efficiency and the effectiveness of spaces.

Experience and method

During the preliminary stage, we define the real needs for space with careful analysis, precise company organisation charts and a series of informative interviews within the company. Our method is based on development of a Concept Design created according to the latest trends in the sector and tailor-made to meet clients’ needs. This stage is followed by an in-depth study of the work areas and support spaces, using a consulting approach that pays a great deal of attention to technological and innovative aspects. All the parts of the project are then developed, Interior Design included, thanks to a team of specialists in the workplace, materials, representation, technology, layouts and supplies.

At the heart of hi-tech

Technology shapes the way that spaces change making more and more ways of working possible. Wi-Fi and tablets, for example, offer an escape from fixed workstations; teleconferencing makes meeting rooms virtual; with mobility, spaces can be sized according to the number of people actually present rather than the number of employees. Above all, technology redesigns work scenarios and methods more quickly than ever before making design flexibility necessary. Architecture rotates around a technological core that moves work and helps to shape spaces and their uses

Valuing people and relations

The companies with the workspaces most valued by the people that use them are the ones with the best performance because when you feel at ease, you work better. With this in mind, our proposals encourage interpersonal relations and help ideas to circulate. The office of the future is the city: stations, airports, undergrounds and public areas will become workplaces that help flexible co-workers to optimise time.

Sector trends: beyond the smart office

The transformation of workplaces and the mentality of the people who spend time in them requires new design models. For example, fixed workstations are no longer the cardinal point of the entire office which is nowadays covered by the concept of open space. The workplace has become the natural habitat of flexible co-workers who can at long last move and work autonomously.

Smart offices are dynamic places where people can exchange and come up with ideas and are in stark contrast to the static nature of offices of the past. The twilight of the fixed workstation is the dawn of the smart office: a change that opens up new opportunities for innovative and creative design. Protagonists in this scenario are both small start-ups, created as part of co-working, and large companies open to new methods of mobile and remote work.

Innovation by design: new ways of working

Innovation by Design in the Corporate Office means constant research, studies and in-depth analysis of changing habits and the changing market. It also means on-site visits carried out by our professionals to collect data and compare themselves with state-of-the-art work space in Italy and abroad.