design that works
Designing a beautiful goal and know how to reach it. Always.

First of all: we believe that aesthetic and design are the elements that give meaning to our work. The “beauty” creates meaning when it aims to communicate the value of a company and of a client, to improve the organization and internal efficiency and to contribute to people’s wellbeing. But today design is not enough to make all those aspects work. Projects need specific skills, project management tools, a pragmatic approach oriented to optimizing costs and times.

Knowing deeply complexity and make it simple.

We love speaking clearly and making ourselves understood. Those who choose us, choose a unique interlocutor, well-prepared and reliable, able to manage complexities and explain them to the client simply and comprehensibly. We cannot reach a shared objective without a common language. There cannot be transparency without clarity. This is why, over the years, over our language (the architects’ one) we’ve learnt perfectly the language of engineers, the fitters’ one and the bureaucrats’ one. And today we know how to translate all of them into our clients’ language.

From cost item to an investment choice.

We’re architects, but we’re also entrepreneurs. We know the value of each investment, and we know that each Euro spent must be able to generate a return: we’ve tried it for ourselves  building our success story year after year. An Architecture project can and must generate a return, and we love declaring and measuring it.

Our promise: the vision of biggie, the attention of littlun.

We research, experiment and innovate. We work on ambitious, complex, international projects. Like the new Fastweb offices. Like the Italian headquarters of Ernst&Young, which Norman Foster was commissioned to design in London. Our competitors are the great multinationals, but we are a entrepreneurial reality and this is why we have to provide our clients what they really expect from us: the maximum in design quality with attention to detail and precision in each step of the creation.

People always at the centre of things, whether they are co-workers, clients or those who inhabit our spaces.

If a good project needs lots of ingredients, the most important of these is the people. Our team, who find that Global Planning Architecture gives them motivation, stimuli, training and especially challenges to overcome. The people we work with, who, in our vision, are not just clients: they are interlocutors and partners, because success is achieved by listening and dialoguing to each other. Ideas that are beautiful on paper become projects that work thanks to our way of thinking how to improve the lives of those who will live in the spaces we designed.