An international soul with an Italian heart.

We believe in passion, ideas, design. We are an italian integrated design Studio, founded in 1996 and specialising in architecture, workplaces, Interior design, strategic consulting, masterplans and construction management. In more than twenty years of history, we have become a reference point in the office and retail sectors. We continue to operate on a great scale: in 2012, we created a global network of ideas. This is an international project which, besides our headquarters in Milan, involved and share our vision of architecture with five studios in Dubai, London, Bogotà, Moscow and New York.

The 5 leading players in the network
Each associate studio enriches the skills of the network with ever-new perspectives. This is a great added value, made possible by the perfect understanding of the contexts and of the organizational logics that change from country to country.
clients in 8 different countries
We deal not just with Italian companies but also with multinational industries, from telecommunications to the chemical sector, from professional services to the oil&gas, from the mechanical sector to publishing brands, from finance companies to schools, from museums to shopping centers.
specialties and 4 areas of expertise.
We deal with Corporate Office, Retail & Luxury, Hospitality & Culture and Public & Residential. Everything that concerns architecture is our work, and we like doing it well. Our skills range from Concept to Detail Design, from Project & Construction Management to Building Appraisal, from Interior Design to Purchasing Management, and from Urban Planning to Landscape Design.
One team, 25 skills
We built up a team of professionals with different skills from each other: architects, engineers, designers, and also managers, sociologists, communications experts, visual artists, interaction designers and art critics. Each one has a precise role and a well-defined task: to dialogue with all the others.
Talents from 6 continents
Our professionals come from very different places, but they all have something in common: talent and passion.
558 thousand square metres of offices and retail stores
In every centimeter that we realize, inside headquarters, in retail points or in a single housing unit, there are the maximum design quality and the attention to detail, even the smallest.

From a “clementine” to large buildings.

Giuliano Azzinari is an entrepreneur, grown in a family of entrepreneurs. He is an architect and a manager who learned his trade by observing and experiencing the world. His studies and curiosity led him from Calabria (southern Italy) to Milan, and from Italy to the United States. Global Planning Architecture is the synthesis of his career path: an international vision, Anglo-Saxon management skills and American planning with an Italian flavour. A taste like that one of the Clementines that his family still grows, combining the human touch of the farmers with the business skills of someone who exports worldwide. Global Planning Architecture is his company, born in a small office, organized from the beginning like the great Anglo-Saxon teams. Taking one step at a time, with an eye on the future, enabled Global Planning Architecture, client by client, to become one of the most respected Italian design firms.

clementines consumed
every week
hours of international conference calls
every month
coffees drunk
every day