Public & Residential
Municipality of Varese

Reconnecting with culture.

Redevelopment of the old barracks in Varese has led to designing a new urban hub where areas for culture and entertainment open up onto shopping areas. The concept is to create a filter that makes it possible to pass from one sphere to the other.

The portico of the old barracks is reinterpreted and deconstructed in a series of frames located in the public part of the piazza which vary according to type and use. Urban lounges, shaded seating, playgrounds and gates are all features. Light, flexible structures with light effects and sensorial experiences.

The old barracks lead onto its inner courtyard and, with the reopening of the ground floor, the new glass volume embraces the existing one. The facade looking onto the piazza breaks up the static nature of the historic building and the technological choice of reflecting glass positioned at an angle of 45 degrees guarantees the diffusion of light and internal screening. A new cultural and social centre where culture and entertainment are present both at night time and during the day, an advocate for redevelopment of the whole area.
Services provided: Design and Research, Concept Design, Architecture, Iconic Building Design

Location: Varese, Italy

Numbers: piazza 10.000 mq - new building 3.000 mq