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Municipality of Parma

Pedestrian bridge in Parma: the Ponte delle Acque.

The rebuilding of the new "ponte delle acque" involves restoring the network of connections and footpaths in the Montanara area by repairing the fracture that was created after the flood in 2014 . A 80 m single-span bridge was chosen with a strong identity.

The structure's large frames, 5 metres by 5, offer passers-by a snapshot view of the surrounding landscape. The paths run on two levels: on one side the cycling path which rises and is attached to the main structure along with benches and "suspended" roof panels, and on the other a footpath which is at a lower height. The materials used are in unobtrusive colours with light wood flooring and white Vierendeel iron girders.
Services provided: Design and Research, Concept Design, Architecture, Infrastructure, Landscape Architecture, Engineering, technologies and innovation

Location: Parma, Italy