Public & Residential
Municipality of Milan

The new urban scene of Piazza della Scala.

The project consists of a new configuration of the piazza with a redefinition of the walkways and internal hierarchies to give it a new identity. The four different areas of use focus on the Theatre and the Gallerie d’Italia. The new centres of gravity are an extension of what goes on in the individual buildings.

Areas for performing, exhibiting, sitting and walking enhance the piazza with the aim of making it more usable and liveable for the people who live in Milan. A rotating stage is the principal element and is surrounded by a platform to watch various events, steps for housing temporary installations and seats to admire Palazzo Marino. It is a versatile element that rotates from time to time according to the various activities it houses.
Services provided: Design and Research, Concept Design, Architecture, Iconic Building Design, Landscape Architecture, Holistic Design Approach

Location: Milan, Italy

Numbers: 6.150 mq.