Public & Residential
Municipality of Milan

Civic Centre. Public reflections.

Two separate urban areas needed a connecting element: the Isola area and the Biblioteca degli alberi. The civic centre serving the community therefore represents a large multifunctional area for intercultural and intergenerational exchange.

A place where public and recreational functions and services for the public co-exist with three functional layers: public on the ground floor, cultural on the first floor and support services on the second. The open plan structure of the building responds to a need for long-term flexibility and adaptability. The free circulation flows do not interfere with each other and are distributed over the different areas, whereas the glass and stone used on the facades offer a different perception between the interior and the exterior on each side.
Services provided: Design and Research, Concept Design, Architecture, Iconic Building Design, Landscape Architecture

Location: Milan, Italy

Numbers: area 1.000 mq