Public & Residential
Municipality of Cattolica

Cattolica Promenade. Reality Cattolica.

Creating an area that is highly attractive to both tourists and inhabitants. A pedestrian route and cycle path that becomes an urban promenade. Benches, green areas and water features enhance the urban value of an area that has been up to now just a facility. The urban lounges, breaks from a frenetic pace in the summer, are places for socialising during the winter.

The gradual replacement of the existing lidos with modules divided according to the type of client – Luxury, Family, Sport –helps to widen the catchment area. The walk on the beach has 4 main openings: a pier, a lighthouse, a piazza on the seafront, a floating cinema.

The focal point of the project is the piazza in front of the Kursaal Hotel, a city landmark. A piazza full of greenery and one full of water with large benches for festivals and seasonal events. The lighthouse is the only vertical element and is a scenic viewpoint out to sea.
Services provided: Urban Design, Design and Research, Concept Design, Architecture, Iconic Building Design, Landscape Architecture

Location: Cattolica, Italy

Numbers: 2km of promenade