Corporate Office

Planning space to strengthen the brand

The aim of the project with CESI was to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the buildings on the Campus in via Rubattino and reorganise their distribution structure. Global Planning Architecture therefore identified 4 goals as being essential to design development: optimisation of space, reorganisation of flows and accesses, importance of the company brand, the best energy performance.

The design immediately guarantees maximum adaptability of the building through construction and layout solutions that allowed the space to be easily reorganised and technological systems easily integrated, modified or maintained. To this end, planning of the net occupiable area (NOA) is a strategic point for any project that aims to optimise space providing an excellent ratio between the occupiable space and the number of people that work in the offices.
Services provided: Space planning, interior design, project & construction management.

Location: Milan, Italy

Numbers: 18.000 mq