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Bauhaus Dessau Foundation

Bauhaus Museum

The concept is that of subtracting volumes. A footprint in the ground, a sort of building in negative space. An anti-icon that becomes an icon of what encloses it. The only visible elements are two pure contrasting volumes. In this way, a dialogue is created between the interior and the exterior and between street level and the underground part. Looking out onto a semi-public internal area, the museum extends along three sides of a parallelepiped, alternating natural and artificial light with the external square acting as a background. As far as its layout is concerned, the installation can be compared to a court building if we consider the surrounding built-up areas.
Services provided: Design and Research, Concept Design, Architecture, Iconic Building Design, Landscape Architecture

Location: Dessau, Germany

Numbers: 3.500 mq sito – area of intervention 2.100 mq