From retail point to point of attraction.

A retail store can no longer limit itself on product’s exhibition. It must involve, create interest, entertain and attract people. Our projects aim to transform a retail store in an attractive destination, where architecture is the key in storytelling the brand and increasing the costumers’ inclination to purchase.
There are many aspects needed to design a purchasing experience: from strategy to budget, from study of flows to finishes, from brand enhancement to packaging. Global Planning Architecture’s holistic approach provides a complete package to clients, bringing everything together to create a touchable brand..

Main skills


  • Development of all the construction drawings up to the development stage.
  • Production and putting into practice of the steps outlined in the Concept and Schematic Design documents.
  • Full compliance of the materials developed with the shared Brand Values.


  • Creation, development and implementation of interactive solutions to create tangible brand experiences.
  • Ability to use digital signage, proximity sensors, augmented reality and 3D printing in the sales outlet.
  • Innovative, latest generation retail infotainment materials.


  • Design and development of Digital Shops where the buying process can be profiled, stimulated and directed.
  • Creation of buying experiences that integrate physical space and digital technologies.
  • Overall redesigning of the way of visiting stores.


  • Implementation of studies on customer segmentation.
  • Statistical findings to know about the interaction between the retail environment, displayed products and consumers.
  • Personalisation and optimisation of the retail space according to market trends: small-sized stores, pop-up shops, mono-brand boutiques placed in larger stores, temporary stores.
  • Longer stays in stores by consumers by integrating restaurants, cafeterias and relaxation areas.


  • Details and finishes that cover a wide range of solutions from retail to luxury.
  • Qualitative choice of materials that is consistent with brand positioning.
  • World class interior design with suppliers that can maintain the required standard.
  • Solutions with appropriate quality/cost ratios.


• Development of concepts in which storytelling is divided into experiences based on concrete interaction.

global planning architecture services

PLUS points of Global Planning Architecture

We increase the appeal of the Retail & Luxury points to meet the needs of our increasingly more informed, sophisticated clients. With maximum precision, we establish the function of the space and the commercial flow strategy in the sales outlet. Global Planning Architecture offers a decade of experience in the field and innovative design, dictated by the latest market trends ranging from the sophisticated Luxury point to the high quality Retail point.

Experience and method

First of all: we strategically define the actual space requirements with a shared document that is created after a series of preliminary meetings. The Concept Design is the start of the design process and contains proposals for space development with high definition displays, functional and schematic diagrams, research on innovative material, and the overall planning of the sales outlet with a detailed list of quantitative and qualitative specifications.
The document analyses all applications of the brand and justifies every aesthetic, technological and chromatic choice so that the essence and values of the Brand can be communicated to customers. This is a key factor, especially in the Luxury sector, in winning the loyalty of customers by making them a part of brand storytelling that is consistent from all points of view. This is because the aim of a sales outlet is to get customers to enjoy a purchasing experience rather than just a purchase.

Sector trends: shared space

The new challenge is to get people to enjoy a buying experience by developing a sense of belonging to the brand and customer loyalty. An awareness of this has created innovative commercial areas in which the Brand is accompanied by completely different commercial activities such as catering and entertainment.
It means constantly reinventing retail to following changes in the brands, society and customers. The sales outlets of the future will have increasingly diverse language, technology, content and formats. Engagement and flexibility will continue to make the difference from small stores to large shopping centres because the desire to be a part of a community is stronger than a simple desire to make a purchase.

Innovation by design: retail and luxury ethics

Innovation by Design in Retail & Luxury means understanding the needs of those who use the space: the customers.
The growing need for ethical and sustainable commerce requires maximum attention to be paid to these aspects, especially in the world of luxury. Global Planning Architecture’s response is constant research which enables us to implement high quality projects without neglecting sustainability and environmental awareness