We give space to the new dimension of living.

The desire for sustainability has changed the residential and public spaces design scenario. The priority aspect  in every Public & Residential area is to promote wellbeing and to facilitate collaboration, also in those areas that, quite simply, we define “home”. Global Planning Architecture’s goal is to create high-quality contemporary buildings, public areas where people can meet each other, get know each other and, why not, have fun together.

Main skills


  • Development of the client’s vision from interior design to urban masterplans.
  • Quality assessment of how the project will fit into the local context.
  • Creation and design of public areas, social housing, university campuses and entire urban areas.
  • Design of infrastructures, road systems, multifunctional buildings.
  • Reclamation of derelict and industrial areas and waterfronts.
  • Ability to listen to the community and stakeholders in order to create shared value.


  • Environmental sustainability using innovative materials and digital technology.
  • Innovative solutions that integrate energy saving, home automation and space sharing.
  • Design of smart public areas with a number of services provided.
  • Technological green areas and digital ecosystems using green-friendly materials.
  • Behavioural and use analysis of public and private areas.
  • Study of materials and finishes to house new technologies and reduce energy costs.
  • Development of social housing and mix of use urban areas with green architecture.
  • Development of soft mobility solutions.


  • Transformation of public areas into attraction spots.
  • Development of multifunctional areas where people can meet, enjoy themselves, get involved in cultural events or work together.
  • Research and development of sustainable solutions to improve the urban context.
  • Design of high quality, architecturally sustainable residential and public buildings.
global planning architecture services

PLUS points of global planning architecture

Our team of specialists can develop a client’s vision whether it is an individual building unit or an urban masterplan by conceiving every project in a synergic way in relation to its context. We think big and on a large scale: from road systems to urban green areas, multifunctional buildings and the complete reclamation of derelict sites and waterfronts.

Experience and method

The first step is to develop a Concept Design that interprets contemporary living values ranging from a micro to a macro scale and individual houses to large open spaces. The design stage consists of the drafting of a document that includes an idea of the space, the finishes and all the planning principles of the space itself.

Sector trends: mix of uses and sustainability

Mix of uses and the right balance between the various functions of a space are essential when designing residential areas that go beyond the principles of old American zoning. Comfort, functionality, flexibility, energy saving and home automation therefore become essential elements in residential areas. When the project scale is enlarged and reaches the level of an urban masterplan, the objective becomes even more ambitious: improving the quality of life by designing green and sports areas interlinked by soft mobility.

Innovation by design: sustainable urban ecosystems

As our awareness of sustainability increases, cities come to be seen more and more as ecosystems. The new direction in Urban Planning is to plan urban systems that can harmoniously evolve in time, changing their intended use but remaining on a human scale. Entertainment structures and cultural areas are therefore redefined to accommodate active lifestyles which are far more diversified than in the past.