Welcoming means being able to surprise people.

Giving strength to hospitality, making it more attractive, safe, efficient and profitable. Strengthening it with brilliant projects and amazing accomplishments. Our goal is design spaces that enhance social interaction and business, from city hotels to resorts, from luxury hotels to budget motels, from boutique hotels to conference centres. At the heart of all this comes the definition of the concept that respects and integrates the local culture, always in order to guarantee memorable experiences for guests and efficiency and a return on investment for managers.

Main skills


  • Integration of the operator’s brand in the internal and external environment.
  • Concept development according to the market positioning of the accommodation facility.
  • Increase in brand recognition through design and finishes.
  • Quality and the guarantee that guests will “feel at home” wherever they are in the world.


  • Design based on the space parameters and standards provided by the operator.
  • Study of the building’s structure and configurations that are most suitable for the target market.
  • Management of design processes and optimisation of every space, from low-cost hotels to luxury SPAs.


  • Reinterpreting the landscape to create distinctive architecture that respects the place’s style and culture.
  • Creating space for Hospitality that facilitates connections and social interaction designed for always on customers.
  • Integration of projects by opening up spaces to the outside world: lobbies, bars, quality restaurants, spas that can be used by the community.
global planning architecture services

PLUS points of Global Planning Architecture

We design functional spaces that are innovative, environmentally friendly and, above all, focus on well-being. This is because there is a constantly increasing need for well-being, not only in the Hospitality & Culture sector. Global Planning Architecture responds with innovative choices that are not limited to the architecture, but are conceived after extensive market research into taste, trends and behavioural patterns.

Experience and method

We prepare a preliminary document that illustrates the needs outlined in the Brief stage. The Concept Design is the start of the design process and contains the proposals for space, materials and planning of the areas of intervention. We design environments with the idea of making them unique, never anonymous and different for every brand. Today, clients are used to travelling and compared with the past, have acquired increasingly sophisticated tastes and needs. A space that is only functional is no longer enough because it must be able to offer a complete and memorable sensorial experience.

Sector trends: quality and well-being

A desire for environmental sustainability has brought the concept of “well-being” into the world of Hospitality & Culture where it has become essential. It is increasingly important to know how to design spaces that not only offer new functions, but a high level of aesthetic quality that is vital in the wellness experience.

Innovation by design: the well-being of the senses

Innovation by Design in Hospitality & Culture means creating emotional concepts of space and creating them with materials and technologies of the future. The aim is to create experiences of well-being complemented by photochromatic elements, tactile perceptions and good aesthetic taste. The search for new natural, sustainable and recyclable materials perfectly matches the new visual, sensorial and chromatic technologies.