We are looking for a Senior Project Architect with strong design compositional skills, leadership and management of the technical design process. An autonomous person in the development of objectives, able to cooperate with the Project Manager and provide the necessary input on issues, risks, solutions and optimization of design or projects’ technicalities.

The resource will be responsible for:

  1. Critical analysis of the design concept aimed at the development of the next stages;
  2. Functional Development of preliminary, final and executive projects;
  3. Development of construction projects;
  4. Coordination of riliefs, preliminary, final and executive planning, space planning, technical drawing;
  5. Management and coordination of the internal work team group and external consultants;
  6. Customer Management in terms of implementation of the project requirements and changes during the design development in coordination with the PM.

It’s required Master’s degree in Architecture or Engineering. Fluent English.

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