Corporate Office

The value of a brand

History becomes a sense of pride and belonging. Design becomes prestige and a rediscovery of tradition.


An ambitious, complex and fascinating objective emerged from discussions with the client: that of innovating the workspace, changing the bookshop's overall role and redesigning the publishing house's office space.

A desire to radically transform the architecture transcends the interior design project and, through a highly responsible design, symbolises an ongoing cultural change. The project therefore eliminated barriers, especially physical ones, to become a contemporary workplace: an open plan which helps ideas to circulate. A perfect synthesis of the office's functional requirements and the client's cultural vocation.


Reinterpreting codes” was the project’s slogan and stylistic hallmark. Reinterpreting architectural codes to speak a new language where the key words are openness, innovation and collaboration. Spaces capable of changing over time and anticipating the organisational, sociological and technological trends that will support the company’s development.

Reinterpreting linguistic and iconographic codes to reinterpret the brand’s image and history in an innovative way. Indeed, the new La Feltrinelli headquarters is an environment full of content that communicates an identity based on history, culture, words and images.

Reinterpreting work behaviour codes by creating circulation flows that lead into team areas, meeting areas and reading rooms for informal meetings. The decision to encourage cross-interaction favours the creation of new ideas which has an immediate effect on people’s performance and also on business figures.


The aesthetic component served an important communicative function. The chosen brand design uses contemporary visual codes to make a unique story like that of La Feltrinelli innovative and stimulating.

The new headquarters sum up and develop several themes: efficiency of work flows, well‑being in a contemporary workplace, communication and promotion of brand heritage. The new headquarters therefore become the first step in a renewal, cultural rather than architectural, which by moving from the centre aims to renew the other company areas: work environments, bookshops throughout the country and other mixed use environments, giving continuity to the corporate image and philosophy.

Services provided: Strategic consulting, Change management, Space Planning, Interior Design, Brand Integration & Visual Communication, Design Development, Procurement & Purchaising Management, Project Management, Training and Information

Location: Milan, Italy

Numbers: 4.200 mq over 6 floors

“Innovation, tradition, comfort and brand recognition are the characteristics of the new workplace. Global Planning Architecture was able to transform our values into an office space that met all our requirements and increasing the distinctive character of the brand in particular.

 La Feltrinelli Brand Manager