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Leaving space for innovation

New workspaces that reflect the innovative culture and dynamic nature of the company.

Working together to design the future.

Innovation and dynamism are essential to Fastweb. It was therefore natural to choose a partner like Global Planning Architecture to develop the new Concept Design and the new company facility strategy. A shared objective emerged from exchanges between the managers at Global Planning Architecture and Fastweb management: transforming the offices designed using models from the 1970s into innovative work areas. To do this, the spaces were completely reorganised according to the principle of smart working, reducing operating costs and optimising the use of surfaces.

A concrete, rapid and ambitious change that goes beyond Design & Build. Global Planning Architecture maximised the key values of flexibility, openness, speed and efficiency by developing innovative design solutions that transform the spaces in a complete, tangible way. Global Planning Architecture's multidisciplinary approach became strategic consulting, research into workplace design trends, purchasing management, fit outs, interior design and brand integration. A path that was followed working alongside the Fastweb management at all times and also involved organisation of the move-in process and in-house training.

A new concept for improving performance.

Innovation should be put to the test day by day. The state of the art of workplace design has been challenged with sociological research, international benchmarks and an in-depth study on how to improve company performance by facilitating new ways of working. The concept design developed for Fastweb has transferred this information into the design and development of new offices.

Global Planning Architecture has therefore provided changing, informal, stimulating spaces that open up towards the outside. Spaces that can facilitate the circulation of ideas, collaboration and team work.
Open space and informal meeting areas, ready to house technological supports to create a work environment full of “connections”. Because innovation is vital to a technological company.

After Rome, the concept was transferred to designing smaller offices: Naples, Genoa and Padua. The new offices in Milan mark a further development of the original concept which has been extended to include the latest technologies that allow mobility work both inside and outside the office.

Focusing on people.

For Global Planning Architecture, design is a tool that improves working practices and values people: a competitive and tangible advantage on the market. Interviews and strategic briefs were held followed by a careful analysis of company goals and functional requirements, both current and future. Global Planning Architecture also followed in‑house training to accompany the move to the new offices.

The brand as a group value.

The Interior Design has been conceived to perfectly match the Fastweb brand. A fundamental point that has assumed a strategic role in refining and getting across the importance of the new company identity.

The surfaces inside and outside the work areas are animated by Hi-Tech graphic solutions that use stimulating colours and textures to evoke the image created by the most well known Fastweb promotions. A way to visually recall how the brand has developed and at the same time, reinforce the team spirit and sense of belonging.

Services provided: Design & Research, Space Planning, Product Design, Strategic Consulting, Change management, Interior Design, Engineering, Brand Integration & Visual Communication, Procurement & Purchaising Management, Quality Construction, Project & Construction Management, Training and Information

Location: Rome, Milan, Genoa, Naples, Bari, Turin, Bologna, Pescara, Palermo, Catania, Sesto Fiorentino Italy

Numbers: 26.000 mq

“Fastweb chose Global Planning Architecture because of the positive, proactive attitude of its architect, Giuliano Azzinari. The greatest satisfaction, in addition to the relationship between quality, cost and completion time, is to see every day that our employees are pleased with their new office space.”

Fastweb Facility Manager

Fastweb headquarters